Memory City Is A Desktop Panorama For Parking Your USB Sticks And SD Cards

You’ve got more USB thumb drives and memory cards than you know what do with.   A bunch of them are in the office, piled in an unruly manner on your Desktop Dumpster.  The USB Station Memory City offers a way to turn your mass of pocket storage devices into desktop decoration.

Made by Koziol, it’s like a plastic diorama of train set scenery, complete with a short track, a train, trees and a few small buildings.  Except it also has slots for holding a bunch of your storage-based thingies.  Carefully selected, you can integrate your computing accessories into the design, making them look like skyscrapers looming over the backwoods populace, tiny miner shacks right next to the railroad (if you own those small MosKeyto drives) or giant alien structures turning all the town’s inhabitants into gold-mining slaves.  Or something like that.

The USB Station Memory City measures 15.2 x 10.8 x 7.5 cm (l x w x h), which should be small enough to find space even in your desk’s limited floor area.  It has designated areas for  four USB sticks, three USB caps (if you still haven’t lost them), three microSD cards and three SD cards.  If you have a good selection of thumb sticks and some imagination, you can come up with some fun-looking panoramas here .  Should you have more time to kill at work, you can even paint over the scenery to really drum up something special.

Seriously, though, this brings up some cool ideas for paper dioramas that can integrate USB placeholders in them.  The USB Station Memory City is currently listed at Design-3000, priced at €9.95.

[Design-3000 via HolyCool]