Meneghini La Cambusa Fridge Is Practically A Kitchen

While the La Cambusa is technically marketed as a biggie-size fridge, it’s actually a mini-size self-contained kitchen.  No, seriously.

Created by Italian fridge makers Meneghini, it’s a three-door fridge that measures a large 249 x 218 x 63 cm.  Despite being a fridge, it looks like a stylish cabinet when closed up and will literally look as good in the living room or bedroom as it does in the kitchen.

Unlike most refrigerators, the La Cambusa’s exterior is all-wood, finished in either aniline colors, ash-dyed or lacquered in a selection of colors, with brass handles and hinges.  Yep, classy.   Door number 1 on the left isn’t actually a fridge, but 11.8 cubic feet of dry storage where you can keep kitchen supplies, glassware and tools. Door number 2 on the upper far right is the actual fridge with 11.8 cubic feet of temperature-controlled storage, while door number 3 at the bottom right is a freezer with 3 cubic feet of space.  And if the fridge areas aren’t enough, you can also order for the dry storage to be fitted with a refrigeration unit instead.

Moving it beyond fridge and storage functions are the middle compartments, which can be equipped with a coffee maker, a microwave, a multi-function oven, an ice maker or even a TV.  For added style, the different middle cabinets can be equipped with porthole doors in place of regular cabinet doors, as well.

The Meneghini La Cambusa is available now, with prices starting at $40,500.

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