No Space For A Home Office? Not A Problem With Menu’s Wall Desk


When it comes to bringing a work space into the tiniest homes, nothing works better than a wall-mounted writing table. Not only does it let you have a dedicated space to set down a laptop and work supplies, it does that without taking up valuable floor space, too. The Menu Wall Desk does things even better, integrating a drop-down design that allows you to fold up the desk up against the wall, so it stays out of the way when not in use.

Designed by Norm.Architects, it looks like a closed cabinet with a drop-down door when not in use.  Open it up, though, and you get a fully-functional table surface that you can use as a home office, a mini-bar, or a place to binge on TV shows on the tablet while the wife hogs the living room TV.


The Menu Wall Desk has a table surface measuring 21 x 23. 5 inches, which should provide enough room to hold a laptop and a cup of your favorite beverage on the side.  A sloped compartment above the desk allows you to hide cables and connector from plain sight, all while serving as a functional shelf for gadgets, office supplies, and whatever junk food you like to much on while getting work done (or not done, depending on how things are going) on a computer.  Features include a wooden construction, a leather strap to keep the table folded up, and a maximum desk load of 44 pounds.


Available now, the Menu Wall Desk is priced at $200.

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