Mercedes Benz Foldingbike Comes In Two Compact Modes And A Ton Of Style


Looking for a bike with a little more exclusivity and a badge of quality?  Mercedes-Benz unleashed a bevy of their bicycles this week, with one particular number attracting a lot of attention.  The cleverly-designed Foldingbike impressed those on the watch, both with its elegant city aesthetics and ingenious folding technology that allow cyclists to reconfigure it in two compact forms, each with its own distinct advantages.

When completely folded down, the Foldingbike only requires 80 x 80 x 35 cm of space, fitting snugly in the supplied carrying bag for portability.  In that size, it should easily find room in your car’s trunk or on that spare area under the garage shelf.  A secondary folding option, called the Shuttle Mode, allows you to push and steer the bike when you’re out of the street (such as inside a building), making it easier to fit into crowded elevators or trains.  More importantly, configuring the bike into either one of its three modes takes all of a few seconds, with no need for any special tools.

The stylish two-wheeler sports an all-aluminum frame, with an adjustable suspension travel of up to 40 mm on both front and rear.  It comes with a Shimano eight-speed derailer, disc brakes on both wheels, side stand, rear-mounted luggage rack and a protective metal cover.

The Mercedes-Benz Foldingbike is available now in both silver and white for €1,700.

[via Autoblog]