Mercedes Benz Made A Golf Cart That Performs Like A Sports Car So You Can Race On The Fairway


Mercedes Benz made a golf cart that they’re calling “a real sports car” in the form of the Style Edition Garia Golf Car. Why? We have no idea, but if you ever fancied racing your buddies around the golf course for a change, we guess this thing will deliver the performance necessary to actually make it worthwhile.

A collaboration between Daimler and luxury golf cart makers Garia (yes, those same guys who made a street-legal golf cart), they’re calling it “the coolest golf cart ever.” While we’re betting the Gotham Golfcart will have something to say about that, we have to admit, this sports-oriented fairway driver does look pretty badass.


The Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car is a real golf cart, with a profile that’s narrower and shorter than a regular car, while standing taller. As such, it still looks like a regular golf cart, albeit with elements that look more familiar on cars, such as a contoured front end, stylized headlights with chrome inlays, sporty 14-inch wheels, and a carbon fiber roof. Yes, the car elements do make it look like a luxury ride-on car for children with very rich parents, which, when you think about it, isn’t really a bad thing.


Inside the leather-trimmed two-person cabin, it comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen displaying vital driving stats, while also allowing drivers to manage various driving modes and mechanical functions. Features include a Bluetooth speaker system, a trick rear spoiler that serves as a compartment for two golf bags, and even a built-in fridge under the seats.

Only two examples of the Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car are scheduled to be built, although that can change depending on customer interest.

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