Mercedes-Benz X-Class Is The Luxury Pickup Truck You Didn’t Know You Wanted


Can you imagine loading the back of a vehicle sporting a luxury badge with construction tools and supplies? We know, it’s an awkward visual. Regardless, that’s exactly what you can be doing if you decide to add the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class to your automotive fleet.

That’s right, that concept pickup truck the German automaker showed off last year is now a real thing, allowing you to do your summer tailgating on the back of a legit luxury vehicle. And, yes, it’s a real utilitarian pickup truck that you can drive around the punishing terrain of the farm, too, as the vehicle is based on the Nissan Navara (Nissan Frontier in North America), albeit with Mercedes-Benz’s characteristic styling, luxury appointments, and driving dynamics.


The Mercedes-Benz X-Class actually uses plenty of exterior parts from the Navara, with the styling changes happening mostly on the front and the rear of the car. It’s not as good-looking as the original concept (they likely had to compromise to keep costs manageable), but it’s a handsome truck all the same, especially with the extra prestige afforded by the three-pointed star grille. Other notable exterior elements include a wide lower intake, LED-accented headlights, and a more level hood that should help quell the Navara comparisons a little bit.

In the truck bed, you get a large bar for mounting lights, along with integrated lighting for the cargo area, a 12-volt outlet, and a tailgate that opens 90 degrees. There’s also the option for a 180-degree opening angle. It’s no slouch in the cargo-carrying department, by the way, with the bed able to support up to 2,200 pounds, all while towing up to 7,000 pounds. According to the automaker, that’s equivalent to loading 17 freshly-filled 50-liter barrels of beer in the bed while hauling an eight-meter yacht on a trailer behind you. Yep, it’s definitely party time.


The Mercedes-Benz X-Class will be offered with four engine choices, namely a 163-horsepower 2.3-liter diesel engine, a 190-horsepower 2.3-liter dual-turbo diesel engine, a 160-horsepower gas engine, and a range-topping V6 that puts out 258 horsepower. Depending on the chosen trim, the truck can come with a rear-wheel drive, a permanent four-wheel drive, or a selectable drive system, as well as one of three transmissions (one manual and two seven-speed automatics).

To ensure it handles rough terrain, the vehicle rocks coil springs both front and rear, with a double wishbone suspension out front and a multi-link solid axle in the back. It has a slightly wider track than the Navara, which along with the long wheelbase, should provide plenty of stability.


Inside, the car gets a proper luxury treatment, with plenty of wood and leather to go with all the creature comforts. The dashboard sports the concave trim element familiar to Mercedes-Benz drivers, with a 5.4-inch multimedia screen and an instrument cluster filled with the same large round dials found in the C-Class and V-Class.


Slated to debut in Europe this November, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class will be priced starting at €37,000 (around $43,000).

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