Meta M1 Smartwatch Focuses On Stylish Design, Simple Software Features

Originally unveiled at CES 2014, the Meta M1 is a smartwatch that puts a premium on style and fit over the more tech-focused considerations of other products in the category.  After all, it is still a watch you would want to look good wearing.

Similar to the Pebble, the M1 uses a proprietary software and an e-paper display.  Unlike it, the latter corrals the software experience to the core features baked into the system, so there are no third-party apps.  Barring future updates, the onboard feature set (which include receiving notifications, viewing messages, and reviewing your calendar, among others) will be all you’ll need to fiddle with throughout the device’s lifetime.

Designed by former Nokia and Vertu creative, Frank Nuovo, the Meta M1 uses unique-looking oversized and swiveling armatures that connect the case to the strap.  More than an aesthetic decision, the lugs are intended to make the watch fit smaller wrists more comfortably, something that’s traditionally been be a problem with larger watch cases.  Watch specs include a 128 x 128 Memory Pixel display, Bluetooth LE for pairing with smartphones, six control buttons, stainless steel case, 3 ATM water resistance, and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

It comes in a variety of color finishes, including red, white, gold, and black, and strap types, including rubber, leather, and steel.   Bill Geiser, Meta Watch founder and CEO, describes the watches as “a collection of premium timepieces that just happen to be smart.”

The Meta M1 is now up for preorder.  Price starts at $249 for the black rubber model and tops out at $449 for the limited black stainless steel version.

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