Metal Wine Cage Keeps Your Prized Bottles Under Lock And Key


Prized bottles of wine should be treated like rabid tigers – locked up in a cage.  Not that they’ll bite onlookers or anything, but it can handily cause people’s death.  Imagine some random clown grabbing two bottles of your expensive vintages and downing them like a 40oz of beer – wouldn’t your murderous instincts kick in too?

Keep your choice wines safe from indiscriminating buffoons with the Metal Wine Cage, a secure  iron enclosure that lets you show off your collection without putting them at risk of your guests’ booze bandit ways.  It looks hella good too.  Other wine racks should be ashamed.

It’s how I always imagined kings will protect their fine vintages – steel bars, thick chains and an intimidating presence.  Built out of hand-welded and fabricated iron, wine thieves will need to use their toughest metal-cutting tools before getting their hands on your precious beverages.

The Metal Wine Cage can hold up to twelve bottles (three on each of the four rows) of vino, with plenty of space to keep each one apart.  It sports an odd mailbox shape (I’m not sure why) with 37.5 x 34 x 51.5 inch dimensions and 40lbs weight.

Despite the postal office likeness, the rustic finish will make sure it feels right at home in a dank cellar several levels under your castle with armed guards surrounding it.   In case those medieval looks don’t scare off would-be wine thieves, the similarly classic-looking steel padlock should keep them at bay.

It’s not 100% foolproof protection, but few racks ever managed similar security while looking half as cool.  You can get the Metal Wine Cage for $199.

[Restoration Hardware]