Meteorite Fidget Spinner Knife Can Cut, Slice, And Relieve Stress


Fidget spinners are great, but let’s be honest, you can keep yourself just as busy twirling a pen around your fingers. That’s why it’s hard for some folks to justify carrying one in their EDC kit. But what if your fidget spinner came with an integrated folding knife? That’s exactly what you can get with the Meteorite Fidget Spinner Knife.

A folding knife that’s been modified to serve as a fidget spinner, it lets you relieve stress and kill idle time with the same tool you use to cut cables, tear through packages, and split a giant burger into a more manageable size. Do note, it’s designed to be spun with the blade locked in, rather than deployed, although you’re always welcome to try the latter (it won’t end well).


The Meteorite Fidget Spinner Knife is a spring-assisted folder, so there’s zero chance the blade with accidentally deploy while it spins between your thumb and finger. It comes with bearings built right into the handle scales, while the buttons are screwed in to ensure durable spinning function. And, yes, it’s been carefully balanced to ensure a smooth spin every time.

As for the knife, it consists of a hollow grind 2.4-inch blade with a 2.2-inch edge and a 3.2-inch handle. Features include AUS8 steel for the blade, 6061 alumin for the scales, and a detachable pocket clip that can be re-oriented for left- or right-handed users.

Available for pre-order now with a July ship date, the Meteorite Fidget Spinner Knife is priced at $40.

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