Meyer Home Plow: Clear 10 Inches Of Ice In Fully-Automated Mode

You cut your own grass, so you might as well plow your own snow.  This is how you bulldoze through that icy pile quickly: the Meyer Home Plow.

Designed to handle up to 10 inches of snow, the appendage connects to your ride’s front receiver hitch (it’s compatible with most category 3, two-inch varieties).   It can work with most SUVs, semi-trucks and utility vehicles, making it easily accessible to a great number of homeowners.

The Home Plow is a 14-gauge steel blade that stands 22 inches tall and spans a full 6 feet and 8 inches wide.  A clever auto-angling system lets the blade self-adjust for maximum snow-clearing efficiency (you can turn it off with a locking pin), while a tilting mechanism allows it to glide over obstacles on the ground.

It comes with a remote that you can operate right from the driver’s seat, so you can control the hydraulic up and down movement, removing the need for any kind of manual adjustments.  Installation can be done in less than a minute (you’ll need to attach the blades and connect the wires to the battery), provided the front-mount hitch is already set up, making it one of the most convenient powered plows around.

Hailed as the cheapest fully-automated snow plow on the market, the Meyer Home Plow is available for $2,600.

[Home Plow via Uncrate]