These Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches Will Let You Put Non-Scratch Cloth On Your Entire Wardrobe


We all know that cleaning your smartphone’s display using the bottom of your shirt is downright tempting fate. But as good an idea as it is to carry a microfiber cloth in your pocket at all times, we also know it’s something you’ll forget to do every single morning, leaving you with nothing but the bottom of your shirt (again) as the most convenient glass cleaner within reach.   This set of Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches can change that.

Made by Photojojo, you simply iron a patch onto the inside of your shirts, jackets, and other items of clothing to give them a micro fiber surface that won’t nick or scratch smartphone screens, camera lenses, and other sensitive glass surfaces when used for cleaning. That way, you can always keep a micro fiber cloth on hand, giving you a way to wipe down sensitive glass panels without any risk of leaving any damage.


Each pack of Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches contains three iron-on cloth pieces: one round, one square, and one triangle. All three measure 2.16 inches across, with colorful patterns that should look fine attached to the underside of your garments. While this should be fair game for use with all clothing garments (and even the flap on a bag), there are some items that you’d be wise to avoid lining with this thing: the inside waist of your pants and the bottom of a ladies’ skirt comes to mind, unless you’re into showing a little more skin than necessary out in public.


Available now, the Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches retail for $12.

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