Micron Crucial X6 Crams A 4TB High-Speed SSD In A Tiny Box That Fits In Your Palm

At this point, it shouldn’t surprise us how much more storage they’re able to cram in a compact enclosure year after year. Those portable drives, somehow, just get bigger and bigger capacities while getting smaller and lighter than ever. Yet, it still takes us back on occasion. Such is the case now with the Micron Crucial X6, which stuffs a whopping 4TB of SSD storage in a package that fits conveniently in a small shirt pocket.

That’s right, you can now keep 4TB worth of high-speed storage in a device that fits squarely in your palm, allowing you to stash a whole load of storage inside your pockets. Whether you need portable storage for 8K video footage, high-res music files, or super high-resolution fine art photography, this thing gives you the storage you need without burdening you with large enclosures that require a proper bag to transport.

The Micron Crucial X6 is available in four storage capacities, namely 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. Obviously, that 4TB is our main point of interest here, since we’ve honestly never seen an enclosure this size house that amount of SSD storage space. It measures just 2.5 x 2.7 inches, so it’s a fraction of the size of modern smartphones, so you can definitely cram two or three of these in a pants pocket, making it particularly convenient to have around. Seriously, you can throw a bunch of these in an external pouch of any backpack, allowing you to carry a whole load of high-speed storage using very little space.

The three lower storage capacities all get a similar architecture that gives them read speeds of up to 540 MB/s, which is plenty fast enough on its own for most common tasks. To go with the 4TB’s bigger storage size, though, they also used a new architecture that boosts those read speeds to 800 MB/s, which, the outfit claims, is 5.6x faster than traditional HDDs. Granted, this is still slower than the outfit’s larger portable SSDs, which can go north of 1,000 MB/s in read speeds, but the 4TB model offers the best balance of compact size, large storage capacity, and ultra-fast read speeds they have available as of now.

The Micron Crucial X6 comes in a semi-rugged case that’s been tested to withstand drops of up to 6.5 feet, all while resisting shock, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. There’s no water resistance rating, though, so try to keep this in a place on the desk where you won’t spill any of your coffee, soda, or juice on it. It comes with a USB Type-C cable and works plug-and-play right out of the box with any USB Type-C compatible devices you own, whether it be laptops, desktops, game consoles, and more. And yes, it can be used with older USB-A devices, provided you have the right USB-C to USB-A cable.

If you’ve been waiting for a large-capacity SSD in palm-sized dimensions, then the Micron Crucial X6 just might be the next portable storage to add to your stash. It’s available now.

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