Microsoft Presenter+ Combines Presentation Clicker With Video Call Controls

Clicker remotes have long been the de facto accessory for folks who want their presentations to run smoothly, as it allows you to easily control your onscreen slides from a small device you can keep in hand. And they continue to be widely used today, especially as many of us have moved back to regular office work. Problem is, many workplaces now implement hybrid work schedules that allow many employees to do their work remotely. That means, your presentations now likely have to cater to both in-person and video call audiences. As such, the new Microsoft Presenter+ combines the standard clicker with video call controls, allowing you to manage both from a single handheld remote.

Just like other Bluetooth clickers, it lets you control your presentation slides right from where you’re standing, with no need to reach for the mouse or keyboard hooked up to your computer. Unlike them, though, it also lets you manage some video call features, like joining meetings, muting your mic, and raising your hand during a group call, making them a lot more suited to the way many presentations are set up today.

The Microsoft Presenter+ is a small handheld remote measuring 3.7 x 1.2 x 0.35 inches (height x width x thickness), with curved edges that should make it easy to keep in hand the whole time. Naturally, it has left and right clicker buttons for easily moving backwards and forwards through your presentation slides, as well as button for a light point to direct your audience to specific areas of the screen. This being a Microsoft product, there’s also a special feature for PowerPoint users that allow you to control a digital pointer onscreen as an alternative to the light-up pointer. We’re not sure how that pointer is controlled, but maybe there’s an accelerometer onboard. Sadly, it’s strictly for PowerPoint, so those who use Keynote or Prezi (or some other supported presentation software) have to stick with the LED pointer.

A Teams-labeled button lets you quickly join meetings in Microsoft’s business videoconferencing platform, making it handy for those times you have a remote group who want to join in your presentation. You can also use the same button to raise and lower your hand during meetings, allowing you to interact with the video call software from the same control.

The Microsoft Presenter+ also comes with a mic button on top, which lets you mute and unmute your video call microphone, a useful feature when there are things you only want to discuss with those present in the room. The mic button comes with a LED indicator right on the label, too, allowing you to easily tell when the voice call is muted or not on your end. Other features include a vibration motor that provides haptic feedback, programmable buttons, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1, a 33-foot wireless range, a 195mAh battery rated at up to six days of operation, and the Microsoft Accessory Center companion app (where you can change vibration settings and button mapping).

The Microsoft Presenter+ is available now, priced at $79.99.

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