These Mid-Century Naval Binoculars Makes Your Nightly Sight-Seeing Look Classy

If you’re going to do some classless peeping around the city, you might  as well do it in style.  And we doubt spying on your neighbors gets much more classy than with these Mid-Century Naval Binoculars.

A collection from the Nicholas Brawer Gallery, these are real optical instruments once employed by naval forces around the world.  Restored and polished to showroom-like conditions, each one will work just as good as when it was used to spot your pirate grandfather sailing on his buccaneer ship.  You know, before they launched those torpedoes that sank him, his men and their treasures down the bottom of the ocean.

Each of the binoculars are mounted on a fully adjustable tripod, so you can immediately use them for all your  sight-seeing needs.  That is, if you actually want to risk scratching and dirtying these beauties, which will probably fetch for a generous penny once they go on sale.  We’re guessing they’ll look awesome in the same battleship-themed room as your Morse Code Signal Lamp.

We’re not sure how many of these the gallery have in-house, but they showed off four gorgeous examples from the website: a gigantic 39-inch long pair from the 1960s, a 31-inch Imperial Japanese Navy nighttime torpedo spotter (between 1936 to 1945), a 21-inch Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer and a Nikko Imperial Japanese Army Battery Commander’s Binoculars.   No pricing yet, but these are the types of things serious collectors (and, we guess, classy peeping toms like you) shell out serious money for.  You can check out the listing at the link below.

[Nicholas Brawer via Uncrate]