Best Wishes Key Gives Your Door The Middle Finger

Got a roommate always losing their keys and borrowing your spare?  Yeah, annoying as heck.  Next time, let them know how you really feel with the Best Wishes Key.

A key styled to look like it’s perpetually giving you the finger, it’s the perfect way to express your disdain when handing over your keys hesitantly.  Whether it be the evil mother in law, the nasty ex-wife, or the best friend from high school you can’t seem to stand nowadays, it expresses all the things you’re just a little too timid to speak yourself.

The Best Wishes Key is made from brass, with the carving of a hand serving as the bow and the blade serving as an upturned middle-finger.   It measures 1 x 3 inches and works much like any of the keys in your Keysquare Carabiner, except with a little more attitude than usual.   Two variants are available — one for Kwikset K1 and another for Schalge SC1, so you can find one suited to whatever locks you have installed around the house.

Needless to say, this isn’t the kind of key you give to the girlfriend when finally pushing the relationship to that next level.  Unless that next level involves getting her to break up with you or something, in which case, this is brilliant.

The Good Worth has the Best Wishes Key available, priced at $8.

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