This Ice Cream Scoop Lets You Dig Through Frozen Hard Ice Cream With Ease


Does the world need a better ice cream scoop? Probably not. If you can have a scoop that placed less strain on the wrist while allowing for more efficient retrieval of the frozen treats, though, we doubt the world will mind. And that’s exactly what we get with the Midnight Scoop.

Designed to function like a shovel, it comes with an original handle that engages a person’s arm muscles, instead of their wrist. This spares the otherwise weak joints of your wrist from the intensive effort, allowing you to scoop out even the hardest ice cream with very little work.


Instead of performing a prying action like traditional ice cream scoops, the Midnight Scoop combines a long, curved handle with a sharp tip on the bowl to enable the more efficient shovel-like function. To use, simply hold the curved section of the handle using the palm of your hand, then push the sharp edge of the bowl into the frozen confection while keeping your wrist straight.


It comes with a long-enough handle that it can reach all parts of a large ice cream tub, while the scoop is compact enough to scoop inside smaller pint-sized containers. Construction is heat-forged aluminum that’s either anodized or finished with an industrial-grade coating, so this thing is built to last.

Available now, the Midnight Scoop is priced at $35.

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