No Matter How Drunk You Get, The Mighty Mug Barware Will Ensure You Never Knock Your Drinks Over


We’re huge fans of the Mighty Mug, that cleverly-designed travel mug that’s all but impossible to tip over. While you can use the same mug for all your drinks to eliminate spills in your life forever, a travel mug isn’t exactly the most ideal thing to use with every beverage you partake in. That’s where the Mighty Mug Barware line comes in.

Like the company’s original travel mug, each item in the line uses the outfit’s Smartgrip technology, which creates an airlock between the mug and the table surface, keeping a secure hold that allows it to withstand knocks (up to 10 pounds of force) from any angle without tipping over. Despite the secure grip it creates, each drinkware can be lifted vertically without any extra resistance, making it just as convenient to drink from as any glass.


The Mighty Mug Barware consist of four glasses: a 16-oz. whiskey glass, a 24-oz. pint, a 14-oz. wine glass, and a 24-oz. pilsner, which should cover the most common drinking vessels you’ll need to have in the mini-bar. Each one incorporates the prominent thick base that gives the drinking vessels their unusual grip, so they’re a little distinctive compared to equivalent conventional glasses. Granted, the transparent Tritan plastic construction isn’t quite as classy as proper glass barware, but it does look glass-like enough that it won’t quite create an eyesore.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Mighty Mug Barware. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $30.

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