Mighty Selfie Stick Can Extend To A Whopping 10-Feet Long


Ever wished you can turn your selfie videos into something resembling drone shots hovering from 15 feet off the ground? Now you can with the Mighty Selfie Stick, an oversized telescoping selfie stick that can extend to a whopping 10 feet long.

Yes, you heard that right – a 10-foot long selfie stick. We know, that sounds ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? Having to use a drone to get a panoramic shot from 15 feet high when it could be accomplished using a simple selfie stick instead. Yeah, this thing is ridiculously awesome.


The Mighty Selfie Stick’s telescoping function allows it to lock securely at lengths of two, four, six, eight, and 10 feet, allowing you to adjust it to your exact needs at any time. That way, you can use it whether you want to shoot close-ups, slightly distant shots, and wide shots from 10 feet away. To lock the stick at a specific length, simply turn the extended poles clockwise until the individual holes are aligned, which signifies it’s properly locked into place. To loosen and readjust the pole, simply turn it counter-clockwise and fine-tune the length to your liking.

The business end of the stick sports a phone mount that can accommodate any phone up to 4.5 inches in width, so it should work with any modern smartphone. It features a spring-action grip to ensure a secure hold while making it easy to mount and remove your phone, along with a sponge rubber padding so it’s gentle on your mobile device. During use, the grip holds your phone at a fixed position, which is a predetermined angle that’s ideal for selfies, all while collapsing around the pole for a minimal profile during transport.


The Mighty Selfie Stick comes with a Bluetooth remote that you can use as a wireless shutter, allowing you to start-and-stop video recording and snap a photo while your phone is situated at 10 feet away. The remote, by the way, is powered by a coin battery and consumes very little power, so you’re not likely to need to get fresh batteries until at least a year. You can either hold the remote in hand or slip it onto a finger using the bundled wearable. It also includes a steel tripod base where you can screw the selfie stick into place, allowing you to use it hands-free for more versatile shooting options.


When collapsed, the stick measures just 26 inches, allowing you to squeeze it into your pack for conveniently bringing along, whether you’re attending a convention, hiking a local trail, or spending the day at the park. Other features include a padded handle for a comfortable grip and a carrying strap on the end for securing the stick around your wrist. According to the outfit, they’re also releasing a GoPro mount for using it with your action cams and a standard mount for regular cameras. Yes, we don’t think this can handle a DSLR either, but, we guess it canwork with smaller point-and-shoots. Maybe.

Slated to ship January 2nd, the Mighty Selfie Stick is priced at $79.95.

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