Mighty Vibe Updates The Spotify Player With Better Bluetooth So You Don’t Have To Wear It All The Time


Mighty debuted last year with a unique product – a dedicated portable music player for Spotify users. While it definitely isn’t a necessary device (given that every phone can play Spotify), it’s did satisfy an existing need for all the people out there who didn’t like carrying their phones during runs, workouts, and training sessions. As a music player, though, it wasn’t perfect, with users complaining of Bluetooth reliability and incompatibility with various audio products. The Mighty Vibe improves on its predecessor by addressing those problems.

From the outside, it looks very similar to the previous model, with the same compact profile, square shape, and a clip in the rear that lets you attach it to your clothing. It retains the physical buttons, too, so you can easily start, stop, pause, skip, and adjust volume with just a single push. There’s also a playlist selector button, with the name of the playlist verbally spoken into your headphones, so you know exactly what the heck you’re loading to play.


Inside, however, is where the changes become significant. The Mighty Vibe, for instance, houses a redesigned antenna that promises expanded Bluetooth playback range and stronger connectivity. That means, you don’t have to clip it to your clothing at all times, as you can now set it down on a nearby desk without losing connectivity with your headphones. They also use a new Bluetooth software that ensures compatibility with all Bluetooth devices, so whether you’re using a popular brand of headphones or some obscure brand, it should be able to work with the player without any incidents.

As with the original, the device uses your phone to sync your Spotify playlists (it does that over Wi-Fi, so it won’t take that long), which it then stores inside its onboard storage for offline playback. A total of 8GB of storage is available right on the player, which, according to the outfit, is enough to hold up to 1,000 music tracks, so you get to go out with a generous music library in tow. It can also hold podcasts, too, if you prefer to listen to those during workouts, making this a viable replacement for those times you’d prefer not to bring your phone along.


The Mighty Vibe also gets improved battery life, giving users over five hours of playback between charges. That should be enough to get you through any kind of workout – just make sure to have a power bank on hand in case you’re bringing it with you for an outdoor getaway. You know, since this will really make for a better music player when hiking, climbing, or just exploring the outdoors, allowing you to leave your phone at camp.


A rugged build allows it to survive drops that it will likely experience, whether in the gym, on the streets, or on the trail, all while shrugging off sweat and drizzles, so you can safely get it wet (just don’t subject it to unnecessary water exposure). Dimensions are 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches (height x width x depth) with a weight of just 0.6 ounces, so this is something you’re likely to forget you’re even wearing.

The Mighty Vibe is available now, priced at $85.99.

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