Miguelin, A 21-Foot Tall Robot Baby

It’s easy to want to shoot down giant enemy robots when they look like Voltron or Gundam. But when they’re designed to look like babies, you can’t help but think twice. That’s why we’re betting that Miguelin, a giant robot baby, is more likely to be the future of robot warfare than those we frequently see in the movies.

Created by Isabel Coixet in collaboration with the special effects team behind Alien vs. Predator, the baby was designed for the Expo Shanghai 2010 “Better City, Better Life,” where it will greet (or drool) on visitors at the Spanish Agency for International Exhibitions’ (SEEI) room. He’s supposed to represent Spain’s proposals for improving our cities. They mention such things as recycling, clean energies and new means of transport, which, honestly, have no relationship with a giant baby robot. Not that we care, since any excuse to build a giant robot in diapers is fine by me.

Miguelin measures a towering 21-feet tall and will do more than regale people with its gargantuan frame. Electronically-animated, it can blink, breathe and wreak an absolute path of destruction. We just made up the last part of that, but, hopefully, it can do a few more things that have nothing to do with needing a change of diapers (you know, like shooting missiles, creating a sonic blast or something equally awesome).

A very fancy exhibition prop or Spain’s future weapon of war? We’ll know when the 21-foot giant baby Miguelin invades Shanghai beginning May 1st.

[Expo-Int via Io9]