Miliura Retro EV, A Single-Seat Electric Car With Classic Styling

An electric car that can’t run very fast, go very far or seat more than one doesn’t sound all that exciting.  That is, until you see what it looks like.  And in the case of the Miliura Retro EV, it’s a gorgeous blast from automobile designs of years past.

Built by automaker Takayanagi, the single-seater looks more like a child’s toy than a road-ready specimen.  We’re not sure what they’re encouraging people to use the vehicle for, but we’re guessing it’s more of a glorified golf cart than anything you’ll be cruising down the highway with.

The Miliura Retro EV is an open-top electric car, measuring a tiny 7.1 x 4.2 x 3.8 feet.  Styling is unmistakably lifted off the Henry Ford era; unfortunately, performance appears to be drawn likewise, as it only manages a 37 mph top speed and a 21-mile range.  A full recharge requires being plugged to a regular household outlet for a painstakingly long 12 hours.

Granted, this is more of a novelty purchase than a serious consideration for a car.  However, I can easily see this as a minor hit among hobbyists looking for a neighborhood ride that’s functional and fun.  Plus, they’re releasing it in Japan, so the crazy customizations will likely follow.

While it looks like a toy, the Miliura Retro EV’s ¥6.3 million ($76,000) price guarantees it’s a good couple miles away from the “kiddie fun” category.  Those in Japan can get one beginning March.

[More images at Miluira]