Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Turns the Kamado-Style Grill into a Beer Keg

Big Green Egg makes one of the longest-running best backyard grills around with their kamado-style cooker, which allows you to maintain even cooking temperatures even in the coldest outdoor weather. It doesn’t hurt that their grill looks like a giant green egg, too, which gives it an undeniably goofy charm. The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg takes that iconic grill and turns it into a beer keg.

That’s right, the famous kamado-style grill can now sit to an identical-looking beer keg in your backyard, making it easier to grab a pint while you’re cooking up those steaks, burgers, and sausages. Whether you’re a dedicated backyard pitmaster, a Miller Lite faithful, or just some dude who wants a full-time beer keg on the sly, this thing will definitely find a place somewhere in your abode.

The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg is a real beer keg clad in the faithful likeness of the popular kamado-style grill. How faithful? For one, they made it using the exact same insulating ceramic as the original grill, complete with the same dimpled surface and signature green finish. It’s also mounted in a similar four-legged stand with wheels, complete with casters, so you can easily move it around the backyard. The wooden handles are also reprised here, except instead of the words “Big Green Egg” etched on the surface, it reads “Big Green Kegg” for a bit of added novelty.

Yes, there are some noticeable differences if you look a little more closely. Instead of the folding work surfaces midway through the body like in the grill, it comes with a strip of black metal sheet where they installed the tap, which comes with a large handle bearing the Miller Lite logo. They also removed the adjustable metal valve at the top, which they swapped out in favor of a pump designed for single-handed operation.

The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg can fit beer kegs up to a quarter-barrel in size, which means it can hold 7.75 gallons of your favorite beverage at a time, giving you 82 12-ounce servings all sitting inside the egg-like shell. The outfit recommends adding ice to fill out the rest of the space inside the keg, by the way, since there’s no integrated cooling here to keep the beer chilled, with the insulated ceramic handling the keeping of ice similar to a cooler. No word on how long it can actually keep ice, though, but we imagine it should hold up for most of the day. There’s also a built-in draft door in the shell, which makes it easy to drain any melted ice to make room for a new batch.

The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg goes on sale today (May 28th), priced at $350. Do note, they will only keep it in the store until the 30th, so make sure to get yours early if you want one. Besides, we have a sneaking feeling this thing is going to sell out, so best get one for yourself while you can.

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