Million Dollar Poster: Remember All The Boats You Missed


Remember the Million Dollar Home Page from 2005?  Yes, that pixel advertising campaign that turned 21-year old Alex Tew into a millionaire and, in turn, made all of us feel like blockheads.  Now, you can own a poster displaying the exact same content on that page – every $1 pixel of it – right in your home.

You may have missed the boat on that one road to riches, but nothing’s stopping you from continually beating yourself up over it.  What better way to do the deed than owning a super-sized print showing the very product of that legendary internet tale prominently in a wall on your house?

Measuring an even 60 x 60 centimeters,  the poster shows all the advertising banners in the exact same layout they appeared on the Million Dollar Home Page.   Printed in full color and high-gloss finish, every single square appears in full glorious detail – from the cheesy make money slogans to the inviting casino placements, minus the accompanying hyperlinks, of course.

Personally, I wish they did it bigger so I can fill an entire section of my home office wall with such crafty marketing come-ons as “DATE TONIGHT”, “DO P.E. PILLS WORK?” and “I’M RICH, YOUR NOT” (yes, bad grammar included). These used to be available from Alex himself, but have been out-of-stock for a while.  Glad to see someone else stepping in to provide us with the fastest way to compel a facepalm while exclaiming, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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