This Decorative Milo Lamp Can Double As A Greenhouse For Your Flowering Plants

We’re not entirely sure whether the Milo should be classified as a lamp, a display case, or a mini-greenhouse.  It’s a bit of all three.  Place this on a table somewhere in the house and instantly add decorative portable lighting that you can customize with your own favorite potted plants.

Made by Lightovo, it’s described as an “interior glass lampshade” designed to showcase an object placed inside the transparent container.  They recommend using it to draw attention to your favorite indoor plants, like a mini-greenhouse, although you could use it to show off practically anything that will fit inside, whether it’s your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy action figure, your wildest LEGO creations, or a squirming USB tentacle.

Milo is a transparent lampshade with two holes along the shell and a lighting element on top.  Since it’s intended to house a potted plant, the integrated lighting has been carefully chosen to simulate daylight (a LED bulb with a color temperature between 4,000 and 6,000 K), so it can help spur flowering plants to bloom.  The whole thing can be set down on a side table or shelf as a mantelpiece, as well as set up as a hanging décor, so you can make this work for different types of rooms and interiors.  Construction is hand-molded glass using the “low-puffed” method for the main container and powder-coated aluminum for the bulb case.

Pricing for the Milo Lamp isn’t listed on Lightovo’s website.  They do have an order form, though, which you can fill up to request pricing and payment information.

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