Milwaukee Packout First Aid Kit Turns The Outfit’s Modular Tool Box Into A Medical Emergency Set

We’re big fans of Milwaukee’s Packout system of modular storage, with its healthy selection of options allowing you to put together the exact kind of storage you need, whether for the stocking in the workshop, organizing the garage, or taking to the job site. The Milwaukee 204-PC Class B Type III Packout First Aid Kit turns one of the storage modules from the collection into a full-fledged medical emergency set.

That’s right, the outfit is selling a first-aid kit stashed in one of their Packout boxes, allowing it to stack flush with other storage pieces in the collection. Whether you want a medical emergency kit in the workshop, the garage, or the job site for those cuts, bruises, and wounds that come with manual work, this thing should nestle seamlessly with the rest of your Milwaukee storage modules.

The Milwaukee 204-PC Class B Type III Packout First Aid Kit looks like it uses one of the outfit’s full-width tool boxes, albeit with the lid cut in a transparent plastic material, making it easy to see the contents at a glance. Made with impact-resistant polymers and equipped with metal-reinforced corners, this container should carry a good amount of supplies, all while holding up to any hazards it’s bound to encounter in the field. Like other modules in the line, it’s IP65 rated, too, so the contain is impervious to water or dust, keeping your medical supplies protected from the elements at all times.

Inside, it gets a series of individual bins (eight small, two large) for organizing the contents, each one designed to sit flush, so they stay in place with no movement during transport. It also gets retroreflective first aid stickers, so they can stand out from a stack of Packout containers, ensuring you can easily find it when someone in the shop needs a quick medical patch up.

The Milwaukee 204-PC Class B Type III Packout First Aid Kit contains a good load of supplies for working on bruises, wounds, and cuts (which, we imagine, are the most common medical issues on job sites), such as pre-cut adhesive bandages, several yards of adhesive tape, multiple tubes of antibiotic ointment, dozens of antiseptic towels, burn dressings, and instant cold packs. There’s also a couple dozen tubes of burn cream, eyewash, eye pads, sterile dressing pads, gauze rolls, a tourniquet, and trauma pads, as well as several packs of oral medication. Naturally, it comes with offset scissors, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizers for working on wounded colleagues, along with an emergency first aid guide booklet from the American Red Cross.

Dimensions are 19.7 x 15.2 x 4.6 inches (width x depth x height), so it’s exactly the same width and depth as other toolboxes in the Packout line, ensuring it integrates snugly with the system’s modular design. Each box, by the way, comes with a wall hanger that you can screw onto the wall, in case you want to permanently mount a fixture for hanging the box in your workshop.

The Milwaukee 204-PC Class B Type III Packout First Aid Kit comes out in June, priced at $130.

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