Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill Driver Lets You Work In The Tightest Spaces

It looks like any electric drill. You can hold it in one hand, pull on the trigger, and get the business end spinning at a brisk pace just like any of them, too. Except, the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill Driver comes in a more compact size that allows you to use it in a whole lot of tight and awkward spaces.

Measuring just 5.1 inches long and 1.8 inches thick, the drill enables its use in nearly any drilling or driving situation, minimizing the instances when you need to bust out the old manual screwdriver because it’s the only thing the tiny space is going to accommodate. From tight corners and shallow drawers to blocked sections and more, this tool’s slim profile will enable it to venture where other electric drills just can’t go.

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill Driver comes equipped with a 1600 RPM Powerstate brushless motor that puts out 300 inch pounds of torque, ensuring it has the necessary power to perform most types of installation, remodeling, and repair tasks. The top of the tool is flat, allowing you to push it flush against flat surfaces for even better access around tight spaces, while a magnetic bit holder at the lower front side allows you to keep multiple bits right on the tool, making it easy to switch to new bits without having to walk back to your toolbox.

It comes with four attachments that snap onto the head: a 3/8-inch metal chuck for drilling, a 1.4-inch hex for hex bits, an offset head, and a right angle head. Between the chuck and the hex, it should be able to handle all the common drilling and driving tasks, while the offset and right angle heads allow it to go into the tightest spaces and most awkward drilling angles. All in all, the attachments can face the head in 16 different positions, allowing you to work nearly every imaginable angle you encounter.

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill Driver has an inline grip in the rear to provide unrivaled control of the tool during work, all while optimizing your hand placement, so it doesn’t get in the way whenever you’re working. As with other tools in the M12 Fuel line, it has a Redlithium battery pack, which comes with integrated protection against drops, water, and other harsh conditions, as well as Redlink Plus Intelligence, which protects the tool using built-in thermal and overload monitoring, so there’s no chance of overheating even through the most rigorous tasks.

Suffice to say, this is an attractive drill – one that can make for a lighter (only 1.9 pounds, with the battery in tow) and more compact replacement for the seasoned one you’ve head in your toolbox for the last few years. It also makes a nice drill for first-time owners, as the size, four-in-one versatility, and safety features make it very accessible to novice handymen who want to get stuff done around the house.

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill Driver is available now.

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