Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan Brings Versatile Cooling To The Job Site

Whether you’re building a workshop in the backyard, installing plumbing in a second bathroom, or working on the car in the carport, hot weather just makes any kind of job all that much harder. Things get sweaty really fast and an electric fan can do so much to keep the heat at bay. The Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan makes a case as your job site fan of choice by coming with multiple mounting options that should make it easy to set up wherever you’re working.

A cordless fan for job sites, it offers a compact cooling solution that’s small enough to fit in your equipment stash, all while offering a versatile array of mounting options designed specifically for job site structures. Suffice to say, this thing was designed to mount on everything from beams and poles to rebars and straps to all other things you tend to find around most job sites, making it easy to get adequate cooling during hotter days on the job.

The Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan is a cordless electric fan that’s powered using the outfit’s M12 tool batteries, allowing you to use it to bring cooling to spaces without access to any power outlets. According to the outfit, it’s the highest-performing 12V job site fan in the market today. So much so, in fact, that they claim it delivers air speed comparable to those of 18V fans, blowing out cooling air at a rate of 14mph on the maximum speed setting at a volume of up to 400 cubic feet per minute.

Being a job site fan, it offers a variety of mounting options. There’s a spring-loaded clamp that can secure it around beams, lumber studs, and other work site structures up to two inches thick, making it easy to mount nearly anywhere you want, as well as pass through holes, in case you want to thread it on ropes, straps, and maybe even rebar. A magnetic base also makes it possible to just snap it onto ferromagnetic surfaces, such as electrical panels, steel pipes, and metal doors. Finally, there are keyholes, in case you want to screw it down for semi-permanent mounting.

The Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan measures 8.9 x 7.2 x 12.1 inches, with a six-inch fan blade, so it’s compact enough to throw in the truck with the rest of your equipment. The entire fan is held in an axis on the mounting base, allowing you to spin it a full 360-degrees to orient it to face any direction, while three speed settings make it easy to dial in the exact amount of cooling you need. As we said, it’s compatible with all of the outfit’s M12 batteries, with a single M12 3.0Ah keeping it running for up to 7.5 hours, an M12 4.0Ah up to 10.75 hours, and an M12 6.0Ah up to 16 hours. There’s a built-in gauge for the battery level, too, so you know exactly when it’s time to pick up the backup battery you’ve got in the tool bag.

The Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan comes out in May, priced at $139.70.

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