These Miniature Bonsai Sculptures Are Made With Tiny Wires

Bonsai is awesome.  Like all real plants, though, you’ll have to care for them both to keep them alive and to prevent them from growing.  If you just want the aesthetics sans the maintenance part, maybe these Miniature Bonsai Sculptures will suit you better.

Created by artist Ken To, the sculptures are actually differently-colored copper wires that are bent, curled and twisted into a bundle to resemble the appearance of a bonsai tree.  Yep, no pruning, no maintenance, and no work needed whatsoever. And they’re intricate as heck, genuinely resembling real plants until you slide up close and see the mass of wires beautifully wound into thick piles.

The Miniature Bonsai Sculptures come in a variety of small sizes, from a minuscule 1.5 inches tall to a relatively towering 6.5 inches in height.  Just like real bonsai plants, the sculptures are erected on an equally tiny pot created by Jim Barrett, complete with real soil.  The designs vary, with miniature versions of mame bonsais, deciduous bonsais, formal uprights, semi-cascading and more included in the collection.

Each Miniature Bonsai Sculpture, of course, is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so you get something truly special and unique.  Even better, the sculptures aren’t priced exorbitantly, with smaller ones going for just $37 and the larger ones retailing for a little under $200.

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