Relieve Your Stress With The Angry Scenes From The Mindless Violence Coloring Book


You know how adults who play with coloring books say fancy things like it’s a form of mindful meditation or something? If you can’t quite get what they’re mumbling about, maybe mindful meditation just isn’t for you. We’re guessing it isn’t for the guys who made the Mindless Violence Coloring Book either.

Yes, it’s a coloring book like the endless titles you can find in bookstores everywhere these days. Except, instead of relaxing scenes that stimulate the senses while relieving the stresses of the day, it comes with pages covered in random violent acts. Don’t worry, it’s not gory, so you won’t spend your coloring time using up all the red markers in your supply box – just casual scenes of people fighting over parking spaces, random folks destroying public property, and other relatively tame acts of contemporary violence in our everyday lives.


Created by Modern Toss, the Mindless Violence Coloring Book doesn’t pride itself in exquisite art or highly-detailed imagery. In fact, the art is more along the lines of a serialized strip that isn’t very good on a newspaper that doesn’t have that much circulation. Or something. What it lacks in impressive art, however, it more than makes up for in senseless fun, ensuring you’ll spend half the time coloring giggling at whatever you’re shading.


It comes with a total of 64 pages, each one filled with line drawings ready to experience the tip of your newly-sharpened color pencils. It measures 30 x 21 cm (w x h).

Available now, the Mindless Violence Coloring Book is priced at £10.99.

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