Use These Miniature Cinder Blocks To Build Your Action Figures Their Own Superhero Headquarters


Your collection of action figures is awesome and all, but a shelf is hardly the proper home for a bunch of superheroes and the villains that make them earn their keep. Real heroes need equally heroic headquarters and, no, that Barbie dollhouse will not do. Luckily, you can build them one with these Miniature Cinder Blocks.

Made by Mini Materials, it’s a miniature set of building materials that you can use to build strong, fortified structures for your crew of action hero toys. Whether you want to erect your own miniature version of the Hall of Justice, the X-Mansion, or the Power Rangers’ Command Center, these cinder blocks will let you make them as strong as their real-life counterparts. Yes, by real-life, we mean the one in comic books and TV shows (reality gets confusing, sometimes).


The Miniature Cinder Blocks are exactly 1/12 scale, which is traditionally used for modeling, so you can use them as prototypes for an actual structure you’d like to build in full-size form. Like real cinder blocks, they come with hollow centers to give your superhero headquarters decent insulation, with actual cement construction, so you can pair them other real building materials to make your brand new structures. Each set of 50 comes with 25 stretchers and 25 pillars.

Want to make a Hulk-destroyed version of Iron Man’s Stark Tower? While you can break apart the mini blocks yourself, they also sell sets of cracked versions for easily recreating your favorite destruction scenes.

Available now, a set of Miniature Cinder Blocks retail for $42.99.

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