Mini-Donut Factory Cranks Out Six Donuts A Minute

Sweet, fattening and impossible to resist, donuts are downright evil. Mini-donuts, on the other hand, are only partially as evil, so we decree that they’re actually good for you. Especially when you eat them six at a time like you’ll be doing with the Mini-Donut Factory, a donut-whipping kitchen appliance that can pump out half-a-dozen sweet, round, holed goodness in mere minutes.

Why make your own donuts? So you can bake yourself a fresh batch anytime you feel like it. Plus, you can lace your donuts with any flavor you want, so they don’t have to be extra-fattening globs of sugar every single time. Once in a while, you can make them extra-super-fattening too.

The Mini-Donut Factory uses a clamshell design, similar to what you’ll normally see in home waffle makers. Like them, it uses a non-stick surface, but gets six round places to pour the batter in, instead of one square thing with lines. To use it, simply pour in the batter, close the lid and wait six minutes to get your freshly-baked treats.

Heck, forget the kitchen. The appliance measures 9.25 x 9.75 x 4 inches, making it small enough to fit in most extra table spaces anywhere. Keep this right next to your computer at work and have a steady supply of donuts without ever getting up from your chair. Me, I’d keep mine on a makeshift table right in the bathroom, so I can munch on tasty donuts while soaking in bubbles and playing with Mr. Ducky. Cause that’s how I roll.

According to the retail page, the Mini-Donut Factory will work with any store-bought mix, so you don’t even need to do any real cooking to use it. Sounds like a winner for the $19.99 price.

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