Mini House 2.0 Is A Pre-Fab Home With Electricity, Plumbing, And A Fitted Kitchen


We’ve seen pre-fab housing efforts that attempt to be creative in materials and construction techniques. The Mini House 2.0, on the other hand, does away with all the fancy innovation, simply bringing in a structure that uses traditional building elements, all while being able to flat-pack and ship directly to the customer for convenient installation.

An updated version of the 2012 Mini House, the new prefab modules have done away with the lightweight sandwich elements used in the original design. Instead, they embrace traditional wood and insulation materials, allowing them to construct walls, roofs, and other house elements that will be as durable and inviting as any house on the block.


Layout size for the Mini House 2.0 starts at 15 square meters and tops out at 90 meters, with each model getting a patio covered by a slatted awning, along with the main living space. From there, you can choose a variety of premade layouts that can accommodate your living requirements, each with designated modules for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that use contemporary Scandinavian design and building standards.


The first two models released are two 15 square meter units: one with a “long” orientation and another with a “wide” profile. Both are offered as either Original (no electricity and plumbing, but have built-in wood-stoves and oil lamps) and Modern (electricity and plumbing are pre-installed), so you don’t even have to hire an electrician to wire up the entire house once you’ve assembled the darn thing (maybe just hire one to hook it up to the power lines, unless you like being electrocuted or something). Oh yeah, both 15-square meter layouts can be combined with up to two other units, creating a 45 square-meter abode.


Pricing for the Mini House 2.0 starts at €24,000 for each 15-square meter unit, both final price will vary depending on the buyer’s choice of material and equipment.

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