Build Your Own Life-Like Structures Using The Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit


Remember those miniature cinder blocks that let you build tabletop fortresses and superhero headquarters? They’re awesome. Of course, there’s more to construction than cinder blocks, so the outfit behind that has expanded into miniature versions of a whole load of construction supplies. And that’s exactly what you can get with the Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit.

That’s right, you’re no longer restricted to using the same 1:6-scale cinder blocks as building materials, since this thing comes with cinder blocks and bricks of different sizes and designs. They even throw in miniature 2x4s, a similarly small tub of mortar, and a few other shrunk-down tools, so you can construct life-like miniature building structures using this pack.


The Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit has two scale sizes of cinder blocks (1:6 and 1:24) and two scale sizes of red bricks (1:6 and 1:24), along with a set of miniature blocks with built-in ventilation for circulating air inside the structure. There’s a Jersey barrier for keeping your Hot Wheels fleet from generating chaotic traffic while construction is ongoing, along with a mini-barrel for keeping water onsite and two pallets to tidy up your supplies. And, yes, they all look the rea things – only smaller. So much so that laying all these out on a desk will turn the tabletop into a veritable construction site.

Available now, the Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit is priced at $79.99.

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