Mini Riser Raises Your Laptop At An Angle Using Minimal Materials

Risers are great for giving your laptop some breathing room underneath.  The size of most of those types of accessories, however, make them a bad idea to carry around while you’re working on the road.  The Mini Riser, a bendable strip of wire that you can use to position your computers at an angle, delivers the same function while taking up minimal space.

Devised by the folks at Laboratory 424, the contraption is so simple you’ll be tempted to just cut up a wire hanger and make one yourself.  Of course, making your own won’t guarantee that it can handle up to 35 lbs of hardware securely, so do so at your own risk.

The Mini Riser is a sturdy, flexible wire bent into a wide “m” shape, with the two ends designed to sit on a table surface.  Coated with rubberized vinyl, it facilitates strong grip both on the table and the computer, allowing you to work at an angle that lets air pass under the computer while staying stable.   The wire can be stretched longer or pushed tighter to adjust the viewing angle and the fit.

Because of the convenient size and weight, it slips comfortably into a laptop bag, allowing you to carry a functional riser without adding any heft or bulk to your to your gear stash.   Aside from notebooks, you can use it to hold keyboards and reading materials at better viewing angles too.

Available in sets of two, the Laboratory 424 Mini Riser comes in ten different colors, priced at $7.95.

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