Light Laundry? Use A Mini Tumble Dryer

Doing laundry sucks.  That’s why I pay a leprechaun with gold coins to do mine.  You should too.  Only problem is, leprechauns refuse to wash underwear, so you’ll have to wash those boxers, briefs and knickers on your own.  Afterwards, you can dry it in this: the Mini Tumble Dryer.

Why not just buy a full dryer?  Because it’s overkill.  With a miniature version, you can set the appliance up on a spare tabletop, allowing you to have a functional clothes dryer without requiring too much space or using a lot of electricity.

The Mini Tumble Dryer works just like a full-sized dryer, save for the shrunk-down 20 x 8 x 5 inch (h x w x d) dimensions.  Designed for light loads up to 2lbs, it’s perfect for stripping the moisture off small pieces of laundry, such as the ski masks and gloves from your bank robbery attire.  Available settings include a timer and temperature control.

With the size, it shouldn’t be so difficult to find  a small area in the bathroom to stash it in, allowing you to install one without making  a spectacle of the whole thing.  It should also fit in a spare corner of your work desk, allowing you to tumble dry wet garments right next to a computer.  No USB support, though, so you’ll need a spare power outlet to plug it in.

I think it’s pretty stupid that leprechauns won’t wash my underwear too, but what can you do?  At least, the Mini Tumble Dryer can help with that.  It’s available for £99.99 (approx. $150).

[Mini Tumble Dryer via Red Ferret]