Minimal Float Wall Desk Is Like A Cool Shelf For Working On

When you asked your wife where you can set up your home office (where you will pretend to do work, but really just work on your fantasy sports leagues), she pointed to that small strip of space by the wall.  Really.  She probably thought it was impossible.  Last laugh is yours with the Minimal Float Wall Desk. 

Made by Orange22 Design Lab, it’s more like a slightly oversized wall shelf than a work desk.  Instead of standing on legs like most tables, you bolt it to a wall, freeing up the floor space underneath it for other uses.

Since the Minimal Float Wall Desk is mounted, you can make it any height you want.  Want a standing work desk to help lose all those extra pounds from the holidays?  Install it a little higher than a typical desk.  Want to sit on your cushy grown-up bean bag while working (err… playing Fantasy Hockey or something)?  Set it a little lower than usual to accomodate your extremely relaxed posture.

Measuring 60 x 8 x 18 inches (l x h x d), it takes up just a foot and half of space while protruding from the wall, allowing you to set up a workstation even in tighter spaces like hallways.  Plus, if you end up deciding you still like working in the bathroom better, you can always just use it as a standard shelf for whatever stuff you want to display.

The Minimal Float Wall Desk is available in either walnut or rift oak.  Price is $699.

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