Witness An Apparition Every Morning With The Minor Miracle Mug

Don’t believe in miracles?  The Minor Miracle Mug might make a believer of you yet.

From the outside, it looks no different than any regular drinking vessel from the cupboard.   Finish your coffee, however, and fix your eyes at the bottom to discover a miraculous image appearing out of nowhere, which the mug’s creators  have playfully christened Our Lady of the Latte.

The Minor Miracle Mug is a ceramic coffee mug that’s as pedestrian as you can imagine – it’s white, it’s got a handle and it can serve steaming hot drinks with the best of them.  Nothing special.  Well, nothing except for a barely discernible, carved imprint of a popular Christian image on the bottom, which becomes more conspicuous when your pour a small amount of colored drinks onto it.

Remember all those news stories of tortilla chips that have been burned with biblical images, grilled sandwiches with “divine” messages and similar “miracles”?  If you have friends who believe in that, this mug could be the perfect set-up for a hilarious prank.  Imagine their faces while they finish up a cup of coffee you served and they notice a familiar motherly image forming like an apparition. Make sure you have the videocam handy.

Why wait for a real miracle when you can experience a fake one everyday with the Minor Miracle Mug?  It’s on the World Wide Fred website, but there’s no “order” button, so we guess it’s not for sale yet.  We’re hoping it materializes before the year-end holidays, though – this looks perfect for serving hot choco to half-drunk guests on Christmas morning.

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