Mintronics Survival Pack: First Aid Kit For Tech Tinkerers

Want to be ready for medical emergencies the moment they pop up?  Carry a first aid kit.  Want to be able to hack electronics whenever you feel the urge to tinker with stuff?  You want this: the Mintronics Survival Pack.

Put together by Maker Shed, the kit lets you build, hack and repair electronic circuits while on the go.  After all, you never know where you’ll be stuck when the zombie virus is unleashed on the population.  This way, you’ll have a fighting chance to finagle a communication system for yourself, so you can get in touch with other survivors during the eventual post-apocalyptic world you’ll be forced to call home.

The Mintronics Survival Pack consists of over 60 components crammed into a mint tin with a custom plastic insert to keep things moderately organized.  Set includes a small breadboard, a battery snap, a variety of capacitors and resistors, a mini-pushbutton, a power switch, a timer chip, a couple of voltage regulators, two colored LEDs (green and red), diodes, transistors, trimpots, a cord jumper wire and a few other stuff.  Sure beats rubber bands and paper clips, don’t it?

Designed for impromptu McGyver moments, the box really looks as small as a regular can of fresh mints, so you should be able to slip it comfortably in your jeans pocket.  As such, it should be no hassle to keep as a regular on-the-road companion.

As it turns out, being McGyver-ready is pretty cheap, too.  The Mintronics Survival Pack is available now, priced at $19.99.

[Maker Shed]