Mint’s Aroma Coffee Lid Will Make Your Takeout Cup Taste Better

Everybody loves the smell of freshly-brewed coffee.  Except you can’t really smell your takeout coffee because you need to keep the lid on so it doesn’t get cold.   With the Aroma Coffee Lid, that’s no longer a problem.

Made by Mint Urban Technologies,  the lid comes scented with the aroma of fresh morning coffee.  That way, when you put your mouth through the small hole to take a sip, you’ll be smelling the artificial coffee fragrance along with it.  With taste being 95% smell (at least, according to them), it’s supposed to trick your taste buds that you’re drinking something even better, too.

The Aroma Coffee Lid uses a very light scent that’s just enough to give your takeout Venti cup the feel of a wonderfully full-bodied brew.  Aside from that, it also frees you from having to smell plastic, which is what you’ll normally get with your coffee and donut breakfast takeout.

Based in Hong Kong, Mint Urban Technologies is looking to distribute the lids both with branding (for shops who prefer their logo somewhere) and without (for the corner stores who don’t give a shit).  Of course, you can always solve the entire problem by just drinking your coffee without the lid on, provided you’re willing to put up with cold coffee in just a few minutes.

[Mint Urban Technologies]