MinusA2 Air Purifier Doubles As Wall Art

Well-designed air purifiers aren’t that bad-looking.  In fact, the slim-panel Rabbit Air MinusA2 looks more like home theater electronics than an allergen-slaying machine.  And now, you can make it look like a piece of art hanging on your wall too with the MinusA2 Artist Design Series.

According to Rabbit Air, a client once approached them, asking for a customized solution that will allow him to fit an air purifier and an artwork on the same limited wall space of an RV.  Once they did that, the solution made so much sense that they decided to outfit a special edition to perform the same dual function.

The MinusA2 Artist Design Series uses a regular MinusA2 model, which can operate at four different speeds, covers areas up to 700 sq. ft., includes a power-saving auto-detect mode and can either mount up a wall or rest on a stand.  It measures 21.4 x 7 x 20 inches, making it an ideal frame for a piece of art on bedrooms, living rooms and other parts of the house.

Four different designs are available in the series, featuring The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai and Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt, along with two prints unique to Rabbit Air, Cherry Blossom and Winter Deer.  We’re not sure whether the art prints are fixed or modular, but they’re good enough to keep for the long haul even if you’re stuck with them permanently.

The default blank slate of the original air purifier isn’t that bad-looking, but the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Artist Design Series should let you add a little personality into a wall without eating up any extra space.  Even better, it doesn’t add much to the price of the unit, with the SPA-780a model selling for just $20 more than the original at $570.

[Rabbit Air via Gizmodo]