MinuSkull Puts Hi-Fi Speaker Hardware Inside A Cartoony Skull

Like Captain America, the original Red Skull was also rescued from suspended animation and brought back to life.  Then died.  And resurrected again.  Damn comic books.  We’re not really sure where he is now and what he’s up to, but he’s probably buying one of these for his bedroom: the MinuSkull.  I mean, it looks so fitting.

Created by  Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivier, the desktop speaker features a cartoony  skeleton head design that does bring to mind Captain America’s enduring archenemy.  Oddly enough, it doesn’t come in red, but you can probably pick up the white one and layer over it with your magnificent painting skills.

The MinuSkull houses the hi-fi speaker hardware inside a spooky wooden skull shell that measures 9.25 x 10.64 x 5.91 inches.  Each one packs a pair of Fostex FE-83 speakers, a mini-subwoofer and a custom-made 50W Mosfet amplifier inside  its cranium.

The product page describes the speaker’s sound as “warm, wide and precise.”  We guess Red Skull can dig that.  It comes with a pair of RCA-style connectors for input, which you can also use to hook up a pair of the speakers for better stereo effect and even five of them for a full home cinema setup (just throw in an extra subwoofer).

Handcrafted in France, the MinuSkull is available in three finishes: natural walnut wood, black or white.  Price is €1600, so we doubt even Red Skull will fork over the cash for five of these things (unless he got mad royalties from that Hollywood movie, of course).