Mirror Cleaner Sweeps Fog Off Bathroom Mirrors

Getting tired of waiting for the fog in your bathroom GQ mirror to clear after you take a warm shower every morning?  You can end the tiresome routine with the Mirror Cleaner, a stick-on wiper that lets you clean that fogged-up surface without having to use your towel.

Made by German designer Dewa Bleisinger, it’s, basically, a windshield wiper for your bathroom mirror.  Sure, it isn’t automated like the one in your car, but it will do the same job, cleaning parts of the mirror its brush passes over so you can watch yourself clearly while popping that zit off your nose.

The Mirror Cleaner consists of a long rod with a silicone wiper on one side and a suction cup at one end.  Stick the suction cup to one corner of the mirror and move the rod in quarter-circle motions until you have a good chunk of the mirror cleaned up.  It measures 36 x 5.5 4.5 cm and should be perfect for use with even smaller wall-mounted mirrors.

Of course, it’s not as good as actually preventing fog from getting on those mirrors in the first place, but we’ll take it.  I’ll bet it’s much cheaper than buying an electric car screen defogger from the auto shop, too.

Available in black, white and blue colors, the Mirror Cleaner retails for €14.90.

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