Mirror Puts A Fitness Computer In A Wall-Mounted Mirror


We have no shortage of computers, tablets, and other devices with rectangular displays that you can use to watch workout videos that you can follow when exercising. Since you’ll likely want to work out in front of a mirror, though, why not just put it on there? That’s exactly what they did with Mirror, a wall-mounted mirror that doubles as a dedicated fitness computer.

That’s right, this entire mirror is also an LCD panel, so you can use it to watch your execution during workouts, watch a video of someone else demonstrating the exercise, and read real-time stats of your performance. That’s right, all of that in one large glass surface that should find a fitting home in any room of the house.


The Mirror is an erstwhile ordinary-looking mirror in a rectangular profile and portrait orientation, so you can use it to check your hair, your clothes, and your general appearance before leaving the house every morning. It measures 52 x 22 x 1.4 inches (height x width x depth), which is the perfect size to find room for in a bedroom, the living room, or any spare room in the house. Of course, it’s also one large LCD panel that you can use to stream any video from the companion service’s library of workouts. No word on how many videos are currently in that library, but they claim to stream 50 new classes per week, which means that library will grow into a substantial size sooner rather than later.

A pair of 10-watt speakers allow them to play all of those videos with accompanying sound, apart from playing your favorite playlists from Spotify (it syncs with Spotify Premium). That way, you can do your workout while having your favorite songs blaring in the background. And yes, the sound can be piped to Bluetooth headphones, in case you have people in the house that you don’t want to disturb with the ruckus. There’s also a microphone onboard, although it’s not yet clear what it’s for (possibly a future voice control option).


The Mirror also comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera that it can use to monitor your performance, so it can tell you if you’re doing an exercise right or if you need to make any adjustments. In case you’re not comfortable being filmed, you can opt to turn the camera off, relying instead on compatible activity bands, heart rate monitors, and similar devices for your biometric tracking. It can either be mounted on a wall or set up on a floor stand.


Do note, this is literally just a giant monitor, so there’s no exercise equipment onboard, unlike the Tonal. That means, you’ll have to supply your own equipment if you plan to do resistance training. According to the outfit, their video classes currently cover boxing, barre, cardio, pilates, strength, stretching, and yoga, which means most of the videos are likely to be bodyweight-based training (hence, no equipment).

The Mirror is priced at $1,495 with a 12-month subscription. Continuing the subscription after 12 months will cost $39 per month.

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