Misfit Specter Puts Activity Tracking In A Pair Of In-Ear Headphones


As far as activity tracking goes, the wrist band form factor makes for an ideal design – it’s simple, unobtrusive, and easy to keep on the entire day. If you want to keep your wrist free for other things, however, then it might be time to look for alternatives. The Misfit Specter offers one in the form of a sporty pair of headphones.

Since it’s designed to be worn during exercise, the headphones feature an in-ear design, ensuring they’ll stay in place, no matter how much you run, jump, or roll on the ground after slipping on a candy wrapper. Misfit claims they’re thoughtfully ergonomic, so they shouldn’t get in the way of any training routines you regularly do during workouts.


The Misfit Specter streams music from your phone over Bluetooth, using dual drivers in each ear to produce deep bass and clear treble sounds. Onboard noise isolation tech ensures it adeptly blocks out ambient sounds, with hearing protection safeguards that automatically adjust the sound to ensure your hearing incurs no damage. Of course, it’s also a fitness tracker that leverages Misfit’s existing technology, allowing it to measures steps, distance, and calories, as well as sleep metrics (provided you’re willing to wear headphones in bed, of course). It has an inline remote that you can use to control music playback and operate the camera shutter, with programmable buttons that you can set up to do most any operation on your phone.   There’s also an inline stereo mic array for taking hands-free calls.

No pricing yet, but the Misfit Specter is slated for release later in the year.

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