Misoka Toothbrush Doesn’t Need Toothpaste To Clean Your Teeth


Toothpaste is cheap enough that you don’t really mind buying it regularly, but if you can get rid of it, would you? That’s the question the Misoka, a toothbrush that doesn’t require the traditional cleaning agent, is likely to pose.

A collaboration between designer Koshoe Ueshima and mineral nanotechnology company Yumeshokunin, it’s a toothbrush that requires only water to clean and protect your teeth. When used, they can remove stains and plaque, as well as create a protective coating that make it difficult for materials to adhere to your enamel, all without the use of any dentrifice.


Instead of toothpaste, Misoka relies on nano-sized mineral ions that coat the specially-engineered bristles. These ions are transferred to your teeth during brushing, carrying out the job of cleaning and protecting your biters. Using the toothbrush is no different than the way you brush now – you moisten it with water, brush your teeth the same way you always do, and rinse out your mouth afterwards (heck, you can even insert it into your Sonic All Adapter). Do note, the ion coating tends to wear off after some time, so each toothbrush is only good for around a month of use.

Apparently, the Misoka has been selling around Japan since 2007, with plans to launch in Europe later in the year (hence, its appearance at this year’s Salone del Mobile in an installation created by designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito).   Oh yeah, it’s also available on Amazon, so you can try it out if you’re curious.

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