Mithril Kevlar Jacket Features Hardcore Durability

Unlike what the name might suggest, the Mithril Kevlar jacket isn’t really made from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical metal, so you can’t brag about your threads being from cut from the same material as Frodo’s chainlink shirt.   The Kevlar part is real, though, so it’s still one tough piece of garment.

Made by Klättermusen, the unassuming item looks just like any ordinary zippered jacket.  It works like one, too, covering your trunk, arms and neck for warmth, apart from looking good with your favorite pair of cargo pants.

Despite the Kevlar-reinforced material, the Mitril Kevlar Jacket won’t actually shed bullets like the Ballistic Clipboard.  Instead, it uses the softshell Stretch Kevlar variety, which trades in the bulletproof powers in exchange for comfortably adapting to your movements.  For everything else, though, the threads are about as durable as you can ask for.   It’s wind-resistant, water-repellant and tear-proof, making it an ideal jacket for hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities.

The jacket features differentially-cut sleeves to cover up your wrists, a snug fit around the neck that goes right under your chin, long cut in the back for extra protection and a large chest pocket.  The use of Kevlar makes it considerably warmer than similar jackets using more conventional fabrics, although it also renders it 50% heavier.

The Mithril Kevlar Jacket is manufactured in six sizes (from XS to XXL) and multiple colors.  Only XS and XL are in stock at the moment, though, with the rest slated for availability by September 15.  Price is €359.95 (around $520).