Mixing Mate Combines Paint Can Lid, Mixer And Dispenser

Working with paint is messy.  While the Mixing Mate won’t clean up your paint jobs entirely, it does tidy up the parts before and after you work with the brush (or the power edger).

A replacement lid, it takes the place of the standard paint can cover, adding a bunch of features that should make working with paint cans a whole lot easier.  It can fit over any one-quart paint can openings, so you can throw one onto every paint, stain or varnish in your set.

Designed to make mixing and pouring paint simple and clean, the Mixing Mate replaces your default can lid with a clamping lid that bundles all the features needed for mixing and pouring integrated into it.  It has a lid gasket ensuring a tight leak-proof seal, a pistol grip handle so you can hold the can conveniently (no more having it slip off your fingers), a spring-loaded spout that opens and closes as you need it to (no more punching holes on the lid), and a crank-controlled built-in paddle for mixing the paint with the lid on (to ensure no paint accidentally spurts out).

The auger-style mixing paddle doesn’t just make the whole process mess-free, it shortens it, too, by lifting pigments and solids from the bottom of the can.  Instead of mixing for minutes, all you need is to crank a few seconds to get the same results.  Once you’re done, the handle, paddle and the lid can be easily separated for easy cleaning.

Granted, you’ll need to buy a bunch of Mixing Mates if you’re working with multiple cans of paint.  Still, if you value efficiency, paint cans don’t get more streamlined than with one of these on.  It’s available now, priced at $14.99.

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