Mixtape Coffee Table

Cassette tapes, along with ghetto blasters and Sony’s Walkman, beautifully represent how people consumed their music in the 80s.  So it’s not surprising a lot of today’s designers are incorporating those iconic objects into their creations.  This gorgeous Mixtape Table has to be one of the darling examples.

Made by Jeff Skierka, it’s a coffee table clad in the iconic form of a cassette tape.  And he stays faithful, recreating the old media in detail, complete with fake tape running at the bottom. That way, people who grew up with cassettes can now have something to point to the next time their children ask, “Daddy, what is a cassette tape?”  Make sure to add, though, that “they really, really suck.”

The Mixtape Table has three parts: the wooden cassette tape tabletop, a plexi stand and an additional plexi top to lay over the wood (so you don’t sully it with your coffee stains and dirty feet).  Both the plexi top and the wooden cassette can be removed, so you can wear it around your neck for bling if you feel like it.  The handcrafted cassette is built with detail on both sides, so you can use either Side A or Side B face up on your coffee table.

According to Jeff, the table is a 12:1 replica of real cassettes, with all the details and dimensions fashioned exact to size.   This particular replica is made from maple and walnut, although future versions for cheaper retail will be constructed with high-quality machined plywood.  They’ll also be using real glass instead of plexi.

No exact date on when the Mixtape Table will hit stores, but they are currently in production.

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