MJW Cyclops Uses One “Eye” To Tell The Time


Three hands on watches too complicated for you?  Simplify your life with the Mr. Jones Watches Cyclops, a new analog watch that uses a single hoop to tell the time.

Created by British designer Crispin Jones, the Cyclops foregoes telling the exact time and lets you approximate the minutes instead.  With a single “eye” traveling from one colorful circle to another (each of which represents one full hour), it allows for a “relaxed kind of accuracy” (his words, not mine).  Basically, you tell time like a sundial, with only one hand cluing you in on the actual time of day.


The wristpiece brings an elegant aesthetic with a whitish silver color all around, from the rounded frame to the mesh-style bracelet.  Dial consists of 12 differently-colored circles, set in a white and fading gray background, along with a black-edged stationary hoop in the middle and a moving one that lets you make out the current time.  Body is cut out of stainless steel and is waterproof up to 165 feet.  It uses a single quartz time-telling mechanism.

Personally, I find this to be one of the most good-looking watches around, marrying elegance with a fun attitude.  It looks perfect for less-than-punctual folks who favor going through life without the stress of being sticklers for time.


Each piece comes with a specially-designed MJW presentation box (seen above).  Produced in limited quantities, only 100 Cyclops have been made, with a third of the run already snapped up.   Despite the rarity, price is extremely accessible at only $185.

[via Dezeen]