Awesome Design: MK1 Coffee Table Folds Out Into A Dining Table

Here’s one of the sweetest furniture designs we’ve seen in a while — one that’s simple, clever, and incredibly functional.  Called the MK1 Transforming Coffee Table, it’s a folding furniture that goes from a compact coffee table to a spacious dining table and back using just two simple moves.

Sold by Duffy London, it uses a clever combination of hinged panels that fold in and fold out to achieve the transforming effect.  Fold one end of the coffee table to the right, the other end to the left, and it’s done — a decent-sized dining table that should fit four people easily (maybe even more).  It’s all really simple, with no complicated mechanisms, making for a design you can expect plenty of DIY woodworkers to be co-opting from the confines of their home workshops.

A perfect piece of furniture for small spaces, the MK1 Transforming Coffee Table measures just 35 x 75 x 75 cm (h x w x d) in compact coffee table configuration and 75 x 135 x 75 cm in dining table mode.  While designed as a coffee table and a dining table, it can very well function as a LEGO play table for the little kids in the morning when compacted and as a spacious study desk for the teen later at night, among many other potential uses.  Construction is solid oak in either ash or walnut finishes and high-grade birch plywood.

The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table can be ordered in a variety of bespoke finishes.  Prices start at £795.

Check It Out  via NotCot